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ARTICLE I. Purpose

The purpose of this Corporation is to organize those persons of the Greenville area who are interested in the historical, educational, and mechanical aspects of farming and/or agricultural activities as conducted in earlier times, utilizing machinery, implements and equipment, propelled by animals, steam and internal combustion engines.

ARTICLE II. Membership

The Membership of the Corporation shall be composed of those persons who have previously been members of the Greenville Farm Power of the Past, an unincorporated association and such persons hereafter who shall believe in the same.
Membership in this Corporation shall be either regular members or honorary members. There shall be no associate members.
          (a) Members shall be those persons who subscribe to and have an interest in the purposes for which this Corporation was created; 
have expressed a desire to become affiliated with the Corporation and have paid the annual dues which are set by the Membership at the annual meeting thereof.
          (b) Honorary Members shall be granted to those persons who have been selected by the Board of Trustees to receive this distinction based upon service and/or achievement which significantly contributes to the purposes for which the Corporation stands or for service to the Corporation. Honorary members shall be life members and no dues shall be required of such members.